Easy tips for lowering your energy bills this winter.

  • Thermostat schedule: Program your thermostat schedule for the right temperature for different times of the day. Most people forget, but you don’t need to keep your house warm when you’re at work. During those days bring the temperature down at least 4 degrees and set it to your normal temp one hour before you get home, so its comfortable by the time you get home. If your thermostat does not have this feature replace it for one that has it. You’ll notice the difference.
  • Thermostat location: The right location of the thermostat is critical for efficiency and savings. T-stats should be located on the average space temperature where they are not affected by exterior wall or entrance door drafts, direct sunlight, next to vents, or next to appliances or TV’s. If this is not possible try to install a thermostat with averaging or remote sensing capabilities.
  • Humidifiers: Humidification helps the air to absorb the moisture and retain its heat longer tricking our bodies to feel warmer at lower temperatures and therefore lower t-stat set points.
  • Furnace cleaning and filters change: Believe it or not this is critical. Having your furnace cleaned professionally will not only save you money but expensive future breakdowns. Clean burners, filter and gas valve at the correct pressure will use less energy and will run more efficiently.
  • Return ducts restrictions: Many, many times I’ve seen this. A lot of customers block the return grills with furniture or foreign objects. Keep in mind that the system needs to absorb the same amount of air volume that is pushing through your vents and if this is partially blocked then your system runs hotter and less efficient and creating other problems. Keep them clear!
  • Variable speed blowers (ECM motors): If you come to a point where you need to replace your furnace and you can afford an energy efficient unit, or to replace your blower motor for an ECM motor, do it. The difference is not huge but the paybacks are big. The most power consumption is at start up and energy efficient motors start at a very slow speed and they use low energy to stay running.
  • Boilers water treatment: For boiler owners the above mentioned applies and many other factors but most importantly is water quality. Almost every customer forgets about this issue until is too late. Closed loop systems in particular need treated water to prevent corrosion and scale inside the pipes. I have seen cases where the pipes had been almost completely blocked and reduce in size making it impossible to transfer any heat to the space or water flow in the system among many other problems with pumps and boiler early failure. Remember, replacing the boiler is not going to fix this issue.                                                                                                            Every system is different and needs a different approach. Trust only professionals like Midwest Heat Mechanical to give you a full spectrum on how you can save the most money at affordable solutions, remember you’re in the hands of the best in the business.                                                                                                                                   20170811_143740

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