How to Maximize the Life of Your Boiler Part 1.

Maintenance of a furnace is all very common, but what if you have a Boiler? It’s by far more complicated than you think. Most heating companies out there only worry about the exterior of the boiler (fire side or hardware) and they completely forget  about something even more important….and that is ” Water Quality”.

Water quality is important because it is the heat transfer medium of your system and you can’t see inside of it. The system would run fine for a while but by the time you have problems showing up, like baseboards not heating, or losing efficiency, airlock problems, pressure loss, boiler short cycling and poor flow, sludge, etc, it is already too late. These are signs of a bigger problem and most HVAC contractors overlook these symptoms.

Thorough diagnosis by experienced professionals and communication with the customer is crucial to get to the bottom of the problem, or total system failure and major repairs are eminent.

So what is potentially happening inside your system that could create all these problems? How can you identify this issue and prevent it from happening?

Follow me on my next blog to find out, or call Midwest Heat Mechanical if you need immediate assistance with hydronic boilers diagnosis.

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