Tips to save money in energy this fall

20170503_120736The winter is over and now we are ready to embrace the summer, but hot humid days mean big money spent on your energy bills, bummer right… But you can save big money now in this weather especially if you have a Rooftop Unit, Multizone system, or a building with air handlers with multiple and variable temperature needs. In these type of buildings you will still have cooling requests even when is cool outside! In these situations the most efficient way to address these cooling demands is with an efficient Economizer on your unit (if equipped with one).

The Economizer brings cooler low humidity air from the outside and introduces it into your space to satisfy the cooling demands of your zones without the need to bring mechanical cooling or compressors thus saving you money or “Economizing”.

There are several types of economizers depending of your application that range from really complex and take many variables into account to deliver the air to the most basic, but what they all have in common is that they need sensors to read the outdoor relative humidity levels. That is because you don’t want to bring outdoor air that is more humid than your space or it will create big problems besides cooling deficiency.

Economizers are great devices that really save you money if they work properly or could be the source of many other problems and expensive service calls like not cooling enough, set-point is never satisfied, unit runs all the time, high humidity, air flow and balancing problems, etc. Most technicians don’t pay attention to economizers and fail to really help the customer to save money and they would just focus on the mechanical cooling.

So if you have an Economizer call the experts of Midwest Heat Mechanical to get it set up correctly or to have it repaired inexpensively at no time and remember to make your next project…..   a success.

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